2004 was the year when the company cmT Sp. z o.o. was established.

The primary assumption of introduction of the construction management, design and administration based on the German standards onto the market on which most projects and general construction were managed according to Anglo-American standards, has proven to be right.

We managed to develop in the Polish market services relying upon such values as quality, punctuality and reliability as well as the absolute observance of budgets. The name cmT became a recognized keyword for the big design bureaus and general contractors as well as international investment funds and law firms.
I am proud that I was able to acquire coworkers that not only represent all the areas of the engineering industry but are capable of solving the most difficult problems with sustained motivation and professional commitment to serve the best interest of our clients as well in order to bring their projects to a successful ending.

The fact that we have been constantly developing, as confirmed by the ISO 9001 compliance certificate, as well as our clients’ trust resulting in constant expansion of the scope of our tasks made the following:

• Nowadays cmT act in all areas of the engineering industry. Apart from “simple” civil engineering construction services in respect of office buildings, hotels and commercial centers construction; neither breakwaters nor wind farms or construction of stadiums pose a challenge that we would not be able to face according to the contract terms and in the best interest of our clients.

• In 2011 we established a new unit which is to be engaged solely in designing transportation systems and roads as well as big infrastructural undertakings. The dynamics of our development is fully reflected in our economic results what again confirms the appropriateness of our base assumptions and objectives of our activities.

I am fully convinced that it is the way our development should continue (based on fantastic team, commitment and effectiveness) and that it will certainly be so.

Ferdinand Baggeroer