Forum Gdańsk - Multi Poland

Forum Gdańsk -  Multi Poland

The 2nd June 2015 was the official date of the groundbreaking event of the shopping centre Forum Gdańsk in Poland. Multi Poland is responsible for the realization of the inner-city project. Forum Gdańsk is perfectly located in the city center of Gdańsk, in the vicinity of the Railway Station, the Old Town and other important urban locations.

Forum Gdańsk was designed with a view to revitalizing the historical areas of the former Hay and Crayfish Market. 

On the both sides of the canal in Radunia there are enormous objects being built, which will be filled with shops and restaurants. Forum, which will spread over 62 000 m2, will provide the space for 200 shops. Over them there will be a glass ceiling, foot-bridges will connect the floors, letting people to walk from one side to the other. What is more, a preserved historical bridge will function as well as a connection between the shopping center sides. 

The grand opening is planned for 2018.


Beginning of 2018 cmT has joined the Multi Poland  as support for Investor, working together on the construction site of Forum Gdańsk, with full support related to contacts with General Contractor (Warbud SA), Tenant Coordination and Quality control on site.