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Due diligence services.

We are one of very few consultants with extensive experience in due diligence services. In each case, the evaluation of the property is conducted by experienced civil, mechanical and electrical engineers as well as specialists reviewing formal correctness of construction or development process. Technical due diligence services include among others: Site inspection of the Property including structure, facade, roof, mechanical and electrical installations and finishing works in terms of their condition, workmanship and adherence to respective administrative decisions, applicable regulations, valid building permit design, norms and building code standards

  • Red Flag report identifying potential deal breakers or other technical or/and environmental issues of the most significance to the Contracting Party
  • Detailed technical due diligence report including complete list of identified defects or
  • Advising upon further analysis, tests, evaluations and recommended measures to eliminate the deficiencies related to the Property of its documentation
  • Estimation of identified necessary repairs/repair actions and short/long term capex costs

With the aim of improving quality control, we use our own application DD-Ex which serves for identifying defects as a part of Technical Due Diligence and supervision services, and subsequently is used for monitoring the progress of their removal or repair. DD-Ex application enables recording defects with the use of mobile devices (tablets). Identified defects are entered regularly with the information on their location on plans and they can be documented in the form of images, description and voice memo. Recorded defects are synchronized with the central database what allows for their further processing on a computer and enables to generate reports. Relevant reports can be sent to a contractor or investor. The software allows for interactive (online) updating of the progress of defects removal and their acceptance.

Detailed technical inspections followed by in-depth analysis and extensive reporting have been recognized by many Polish and international investors.

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