Browary Warszawskie, Warsaw, Poland


Browary Warszawskie, Warsaw, Poland.


Browary Warszawskie, Warsaw, Poland.

Browary Warszawskie is an area between Grzybowska, Wronia, Chłodna and Krochmalna Streets, which Echo Investment will re-integrate into the urban fabric. A new, open to everyone urban quarter is being constructed, created by residential buildings, office buildings and public squares as well as rest and recreation areas, cafes, restaurants and shops. It is a place with a beautiful history, but above all a modern, functional and comprehensive urban and architectural design. There will be four office buildings with an area of

The scope of cmT services:

  • Investor’s site supervision over the construction of office buildings, renovation of XIX century cellars and Brewery
  • Coordination of BREEAM certification

Office buildings
100 000 m2
Period of services
08.2017 – until now
Scope of work
  • Investor’s site supervision

Office buildings

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