Mokotowska 59, Warsaw, Poland


Mokotowska 59, Warsaw, Poland.


Mokotowska 59, Warsaw, Poland.

The aim of the project at 59 Mokotowska street was to transform the old office building into a luxury apartmenthouse with 14 apartments and a shopping area at the ground level. cmT advised the contractor regarding the project execution and contract terms. cmT provided the contractor with daily consulting considering the scope of works, contract conformity and also changes of scope of works and their legal consequences.

cmT scope of services:

  • Claim management
  • Preparation of an expert opinion on the delayed progress of construction works

Claims development based on the following:

  • Technical clarification of modifications and reconstruction
  • Contract terms analysis
  • Requirements regarding technical documentation
  • Valuation of additional works
  • Verification of consequences of delayed fixed deadlines
  • Evaluation of the influence of modifications and additional works on time-delays and costs
Residential buildings
2000 m2
Period of services
Scope of work
  • Claim management