Site Supervision. Monitoring

We offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary investor’s site supervision in accordance with the construction law

A team of cmT engineers supervises and verifies the quality of works executed by contractors according to the applicable regulations of Polish law.

As a part of site supervision services, we offer the following

  • Reviewing technical documentation of design „released for construction”
  • Controlling the quality of works, compliance with design, building permit and applicable regulations and norms
  • Supervision of site safety and compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Permanent supervision of works on site, and acceptance of works
  • Checking materials before they are being installed
  • Monitoring the progress of works in relation to the planned schedule

We also offer monitoring of the project execution on behalf of investors or banks. The precision of our services and vast knowledge of technologies and construction practice combined with the use of modern and effective tools such as DD-Ex enable us to ensure the highest quality of services what has been proven by numerous assignments related to the most prestigious investments in Poland.