Business profile and experience

For over 19 years we have been involved in the largest investments in Poland

cmT Sp. z o.o was established in 2004 as a company specializing in project management, construction management and consulting services in all fields of construction.

Over the years, we have created the cmT Group and developed new business activities by offering MEP and architectural designs as well as property management services. We successfully render services related to vast range of projects located throughout Poland and abroad from residential buildings, hotels and public utility facilities to commercial, industrial and special projects like stadiums or wind farms. cmT Group currently employs almost 200 people in 4 countries in Europe and is involved in investments of key importance to cities and regions.

Our advantages

Our extensive experience gained during execution of numerous projects allows us to optimize solutions and thanks to creative thinking and critical analysis, we are able to make a constructive contribution to projects of our clients.

With a view to providing highest quality services, we implemented the quality assurance system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard for management, supervision and consulting services related to investment processes.

Thorough knowledge of construction management and the real estate market, our professional skills and the usage of latest technologies, whilst preserving flexible approach to Clients, enable us to provide solutions adjusted to clients’ individiual needs and plans.

Our mission is to offer the highest quality services when supporting the interests of our clients.

By participating in the most prestigious investments across the country and abroad, we have learned various needs and expectations of our Clients. We realize that execution of challenging projects of various complexity requires extremely professional approach to rendered services, keeping the highest quality standards within set budget, therefore, in our work we are driven by fundamental values such as timeliness, quality, responsibility and reliability while maintaining the unconditional support for interests of our clients.

Our goal is to provide highest quality services and to develop our company by expanding to new foreign markets. The growth dynamics and effectiveness of business processes are reflected in the awarded distinctions such as Forbes Diamond listing in which we are ranked high.

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Comprehensive services for construction projects

We offer a vast array of management forms of the construction process management ranging from management of projects executed by the general contractor or construction management of projects conducted by various package contractors engaged by the Investor.


We are one of very few consultants with extensive experience in due diligence services. In each case, the evaluation of the property is conducted by experienced civil, mechanical and electrical engineers as well as specialists reviewing formal correctness of construction or development process.


We have a vast experience in comprehensive fit-out works for office space. Using the design skills of our sister company GerPlan and cmT’s management of construction process, we have prepared modern and comfortable office space for many organizations.


We offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary investor’s site supervision in accordance with the the construction law. A team of cmT engineers supervises and verifies the quality of works executed by contractors according to the applicable regulations of Polish law.


With extensive experience and expertise in claim management, we ensure professional services by offering two kinds of approaches.