Why cmT

We believe that people are the most important asset of every organization

We believe that people are the most important asset of every organization, the source of its competitive advantage and the key to success.

We employ the best professionals, take care about their constant development and take full advantage of their talents. We believe that by giving our employees independence in taking decisions and possibility of bringing up their new ideas combined with providing them with appropriate tools,  we increase not only their job satisfaction but also chances for company’s growth.

Get new opportunities to develop professionally

The possibility of continuous development of skills and gaining experience during execution of prestigious investments.

Involvement in execution of a wide variety of projects which allows for development of capabilities and competences.

Creative work atmosphere and cooperation based on respect and trust.

Why is it worth working with us?

Comprehensive and effective construction and project management

We are a leading company on the Polish market that executes projects in the Construction Management system by expanding the range of possibilities of effective representation of Client’s interests. The concept of construction management adopted by cmT has been recognized as the most effective, safe and economic form of project management which was used for almost all fit-out and refurbishment projects.

Modern work tools

We offer system solutions for effective enhancement of quality control process both in conducting technical inspections of exisiting buildings as well as in the scope of site supervision services.

Experience and effective solutions

Our experience and expert knowledge allow us to apply effective solutions even with extremely complex projects.