Brain Embassy Mlynarska a new coworking space in the legendary PDT in Warsaw – Wola

The fit-out of coworking offices poses a significant challenge for the entire project team

It is an atypical space, and it is difficult to enclose it in a conventional framework. “For architects, this is an opportunity to demonstrate inventiveness in creating an unusual design, for us engineers – a possibility to show brilliance and skill on the construction site to carry out the architect’s vision in the best possible way. That’s why we value cooperation on Brain Embassy projects so much and look forward to work on each new location,” says Przemek RozbickicmT Project Manager.

The essence of the Brain Embassy Mlynarska concept was to preserve the unique character of the building and bring out its original glory, to highlight what is genuine and to hone the architectural elements so that they reflect the atmosphere of the socialist era, known in Poland as PRL. The result of this idea was shown in such practices as laying a mosaic on the floor what brings to mind the original designs from the 1950s, or leaving decorative cornices.

“Our task was to ensure that the materials used and the work done were of the highest quality and in line with Brain Embassy standards as well as the interior design of the Archicon studio. This effect was achieved thanks to very effective cooperation of the whole team involved in the project,” adds Przemek Rozbicki “Working on a functioning historical building is not only an artistic challenge. It’s also about overcoming certain constraints, such as fitting new installations into the existing shafts, or moving utility connections so it doesn’t cause any disturbance to the tenants.”

Working under time pressure in office fit-outs is often a standard. The strict schedule forces a great deal of discipline so it is possible to meet the deadlines. Until recently, the main threat to the deadline was the availability of construction teams. With the current market situation, the risk factor tends to be long waiting periods for materials and equipment distribution, especially from electrical and automation suppliers, which is why it is vital to plan orders well in advance and keep an eye on deliveries.

The Brain Embassy Mlynarska project is Adgar’s sixth project in which the cmT team operated as the Project Manager. Previous projects were located mainly in business districts of Warsaw –  Mokotow and Ochota.  In January this year, Brain Embassy opened a new location on Czackiego Street, on the site of the former „Kwadrat” theater, in the very center of the city. After the success of this project, it was time for another Warsaw district – Wola. The legendary PDT building in Wola fits perfectly into Adgar’s strategy of implementing Brain Embassy’s „office of the future” concept in iconic historical buildings.

Adgar Investment & Development Ltd. is a global commercial real estate owner and public company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Adgar Poland’s buildings include various leasing concepts – traditional office space, flexible workspaces (Flexi Lease), and Brain Embassy, a brand of coworking spaces. Adgar’s investment portfolio in Poland includes 12 properties.  The company’s properties include the Adgar Park West complex, honored by tenant evaluations with the title of best office building in 2017 in Eurobuild Awards, or Adgar BIT in Business area of Mokotów, which returned to the market in September 2018 after an extensive modernization.