We improve our work tools – a new 3D scanner

Aiming at constant increase of the quality and efficiency of our services, we have introduced a modern work tool – a 3D laser scanner which allows to improve the efficiency and productivity of survey teams and designers in their office tasks

Thanks to the advanced technology of the device, we are not only able to offer our clients a 3D reality capture, but we can also provide documentation of current changes, work progress or solutions to collisions during project execution. The software allows for the integration of the 3D scan with other elements of the project, for example, with a 3D model made in the Autodesk Revit program.

Recently, we have used the scanner to document the actual condition of completed installations in the production hall of an industrial plant. Collected 3D data was modeled and used both to update the as-built documentation and to prepare documentation related to the expansion of the plant, what significantly reduced the time needed to inventory the existing installations. Thanks to moving in the virtual reality, the prepared model and newly designed elements will not collide with each other, what will undoubtedly accelerate the project implementation process.