National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland

National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland

The National Stadium in Warsaw is one of the football stadiums which built for UEFA EURO 2012

The stadium has the largest conference center in Warsaw with a capacity of 1600 people including 25,000 m2 of commercial office space. Underground parking for 1765 cars is located beneath the pitch. The stadium contains restaurants, a fitness club, a pub, and 69 luxury skyboxes.

  • Over 58 000 seats (up to 72,900 during concerts and the like)
  • Volume of 1 million cu.m.
  • Total area of 204 000 m2
  • Retractable roof 240×270 m
  • Spire at 100 m over the pitch

The scope of cmT services:

  • cmT supported subcontractors with detailed reporting of activities on the site as well as preparing detailed time and cost claims based upon a thorough studying of the contracts and the project documentation.
  • Type: Sports facilities
  • Scope of work: Claim management
203 920m²
Period of services