Manufaktura, Łódź, Poland


Manufaktura, Łódź, Poland.


Manufaktura, Łódź, Poland.

Manufaktura is a multifunctional facility consisting of a mall/shopping centre with large and medium sized shops, a cinema, entertainment and cultural space including bowling, museums and restaurants. The complex of buildings is located in the heart of Łódź, in the area of the former Poltex factory. The majority of the complex consists of buildings from the beginning of the century, which have been preserved and restored. The investor of the shopping mall is Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, and its manager is Apsys Polska. In April 2019 the modernization of the Manufaktura began, which will last until autumn 2020. The scope of the project includes reconstruction of the entrances , passages and parts of the food court building. The total cost of the investment will amount to approximately 90 million PLN.

The scope of cmT services:

  • Investor’s supervision inspector
  • Project manager to monitor the refurbishment in the shopping center Manufaktura
Union Investment
Shopping centres
270 000 m2
Period of services
Scope of work
  • Site supervision
  • Project monitoring