Silesia City Center, Katowice, Poland

Silesia City Center, Katowice, Poland

Silesia City Center is a shopping center located in Katowice at Chorzowska street; on a former area of "Kleofas" coal mine; 1.5 km from the city center

 It is one of the largest and most recognizable shopping centers in Poland with horizontal dimensions 516 m by 336 m with the height of 21m. The footprint area of the building is over 144,800 m². There is also a chapel and a multi-purpose building which was rebuilt from the swimming pool. 3 444 parking spaces are provided to users. The object has 310 stores, Cinema City, restaurants and cafes.

  • The scope of cmT services:
    • Technical Due Diligence carried out as follows:
    • Technical inspections of the building in terms of:
      • roof and facade
      • construction and finishing works
      • condition and maintenance of building installations
    • Quality control
    • Identification of defects and monitoring of repairs
    • Formal and legal analysis of formal documentation related to construction process
    • Control of technical documentation
    • Estimation of defects removal costs
  • Type: Shopping centres
  • Scope of work: Technical Due Diligence

As a follow up In 2013 cmT was commissioned to prepare a substantial update of the 2012 report by the next potential buyer.

90 000m²
2006 - 2009
Period of services